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I’ve been using pinterest quite a bit lately.

I try and really only pin what I love. I am not a fan of indiscriminently pinning shit just for the sake that it appears modern or quirky or that I think it’ll get me repins or…whatever.

I enjoy seeing my sense of style emerge from the items I pin. I have felt a bit scatterbrained with my home decor interests, so it’s helped me see where I should take the design of the house.

Plus, I like to revel in the fact that I have awesome taste. ;p



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I watched her sleep. She’s just about over her cold, my poor little one.


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Last night I made a stir fry, it was good in the way that all stir fries are good. I used brussel sprouts, carrots, leeks, shiitakes, garlic, green beans, tomatoes, beans sprouts, yaki soba, and maybs some other stuffs I had around, I can’t remember. The only thing I did different than my usual SF was, instead of using that packet that comes with the noods, I made my own sauce. I put about 1/2 a cup beef broth in the hot wok then once that was absorbed by the noods, added some worshire sauce, paprika, cumin, garlic powder, soy sauce, and a wee bit o’ cayenne pepper. It was comparable to the stuffs in the packet but probs better for us in the end. The only problem with it was that we were hungry before bed. Oh and since we took it for lunch, both my fella and I were starving when we got home. I don’t know how vegans do it. Eat all the time I guess?

Anyway, so tonight we needed something that would stick to our bones, as the saying goes. I love risotto. A lot of people complain about how difficult it is, which really scared me away from trying to make it at home, but one day years ago I got the courage. Guess what? It wasn’t that hard. I don’t know what people bitch about, yeah you have to stir it, big whoop, the results are creamy and hearty and, AND you can put anything in it and it will taste awesome. AWESOME I TELL YOU!

So if you want to try makin’ some risotto, might I suggest you do what I did.  Mince a lot of cloves of garlic and a leek. I love leeks, but I forget how dirty they get so you always have to wash them really well or risk having gritty, and literally, dirty food. Then I thinly slices some tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and stuck in the broiler for a few minutes until they looked charred (but not burnt) seriously, you gotta check ‘em like all the time. Take those bad boys out but don’t burn your hand on the oven like I did because you have an actual oven mitt and not the mildly wet towel you keep slung over your shoulder. Yeah I’m s-m-r-t. I mean s-m-a-r-t.

Roughly chop some kale (I like the curly, but tuscan will work too) drizzle that with olive oil and put them in the oven. Cook that bizniz up until it’s nice and cripsy and the ends are a bit burnt.

Chop up your bacon into bits or strips, whatevs you like. Put in a pan on high, cook until crispy. Drain the grease. BUT SAVE IT! for making eggs with in the morning, or greasing pans, or using on squeaky doors, or greasin up your hair before you go hang out with your greaser friends, ya know. Stuff. ;)

Then in a wide pot or super big sauce pan (which is my preference) put in a pat of butter and some olive oil. Add rice (the rice will about triple in size, so 1 dry cup will make about 3 cooked) stir it up until almost translucent, add the garlic & leeks and cook some more until the leeks are tender. Here’s where the fun begins, add white wine. I like to add a lot, like a good full glass or maybe two I dunno I’m usually tipsy by then, once that cooks off, add some chicken stock (if you’re using a can, and let’s admit you probs are as much as you’d love to make homemade stock, add about 1/2 the can) reduce the heat until you get a simmer going. Once all that stock is gone add some more. Stir that shit. uh huh. Once all that stock is gone add some more.  Stir that shit. Oh yeah.

Get the picture?

Anyway,about 1/2 way through add some fresh thyme, a little salt, and some pepper. Keep adding stock and stirring until absorbed. If you run out of stock you can use water, don’t really fret too much, and taste the rice to check for doneness. Once it’s tender and creamy, add some good parm cheese, as much or little as you like. Throw in your crispy bacon, tomatoes, and kale. Eat a seriously good meal. Take the rest for lunch and rub it in your coworkers’ faces!

Oh yeah.


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Made a new side tonight! We had kale from the farmer’s market and my fella was a grillin’ so I thought, “Hmm…crispy grilled kale could be good.”  It was one of the best things I’ve eaten in a long, LONG, while. I loved it and so did Tristan. The Peanut tried it but I think some greens are still too bitter for her. She likes kale better in soups when it’s tiny bits and some of the bitterness is cooked out.

Anyway, if you want to eat something really awesome here’s what I did:

Take about 10 leaves, wash and pat dry, drizzle some olive oil over (I use Queen Creek Extra Virgin.) Chop as much garlic as you like, I used 4 cloves, then add some salt to the garlic and scrape the flat part of the knife over it to make a paste. Add to the kale along with some pepper and paprika. I also added smoked paprika. Yeah, 2 kinds because I’m just that damn classy.  Toss it all together and lay on the grill for about 3 -5 minutes or until the ends are a bit charred and the central stem gets a few light grill marks. Then eat. It. All. I could maybe see adding a bit of lemon juice, or maybe some teeny tiny bacons, or laying it on top of a hot soup as a good for you and crunchy garnish. It was so good, so good you see. (I just got done reading Green Eggs & Ham. lolz)

We enjoyed it with some oven roasted purple, yellow, and orange carrots & parsnips, oh, and yummy burgers. Also, where have roasted veggies been all my life?

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via Victoria & Albert Museum

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The little one had a rough day. She fell and scrapped her knees this morning, then a friend a school bit her, and finally she fell off the ladder on the playhouse at school. So I told her she got to pick what to eat for dinner. She said soup. I told her we have a lot of tomatoes and asked if she wanted tomato soup.

When we got home and after we Google chatted with my parents I got to work. I’d never made tomato soup from scratch and I decided to wing it with no recipe. First I took some bread, cut it up, drizzled it with olive oil,pepper, and garlic salt. I preheated the oven to really freaking hot and popped in the bread to make croutons.

I really love the tomato soup from The Roosevelt and so I thought I’d try to make something like theirs. I cut up a head of garlic, lazely chopped it, and 1/2 an onion. I threw them in a pot with a few good gluggs of olive oil. While that was warming and starting to smell good, I took all our tomatoes which were on the over ripe side because I got them 2 weeks ago at the farmers market, I cut off the tops, and quartered them. There were about 12 tomatoes or so. I put them in the pot with salt and pepper then turned up the heat. It was looking a little too oniony still so I opened 2 cans of whole tomatoes, chopped, and put those in along with the liquid. It looked better after that but pale far too pale. So I added some tomato paste I had left over from some pasta sauce I made last week. Tristan found a bottle of wine we had that no longer tasted like wine lol. So I put some of that to add some depth, and then I added fresh oregano, dried basil, and some paprika. Got it to a boil, then turned the heat down to simmer with the lid on.

From there the croutons were just perfectly crisp and not burnt as so many homemade ones seem to be. I pulled those out, lifted the lid off my soup, and got out my potato masher. I smushed up the tomatoes as well as I could. If I had one of those hand blenders o probably would have used it, but I don’t like a lot of gadgets, so I smashed and smashed until I was happy.

I ladled into bowls, put a few croutons on top, sprinkled with a few leaves of fresh oregano, and drizzled a bit of our good olive oil on top.

It was so good. Tristan said it was one of the best meals I’d ever made. It was flavorful and hearty. Both the Peanut and I are taking it for lunch tomorrow. It was a great way to use up all those tomatoes lying around and it reminded me of how good simple can be. :)

The Goober is doing much better, she’s sleeping now. Tristan is working, and I’m relaxing with a Jameson and ginger ale.


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I have been quite unproductive as of late.  My left index finger has a painful lump in it and if I crochet too long my whole joint by where the lump is starts to hurt too.  It’s pretty craptastic.  I went to the doctor and got a topical ointment, since he seems to think it’s an inflammation.  I mentioned a ganglion cyst (mostly because I like the word ganglion.) He said to try this ointment for 2 weeks and if there’s no improvement we’ll go from there. So I’ve been trying to take it easy on my dumb ol’ finger because I only have 2 index fingers and I like them both and want to keep them.  This means that I still am typing at work but trying not to use by bum finger and no crocheting. I figure giving it time to rest can’t be a bad thing.

We began a new bread starter on Sunday. So far, it looks like it’s doing a lot better than the last ones. (Read: It doesn’t smell like farts) I put it in a wide bowl instead of a mason jar which I think helped. I don’t know why I think that but I do. lolz.

Anyway, hoping to do some planning for our garden.  I figure this year we’ll start with a couple 3 x 6 foot bed. It’ll be a good testing ground for how committed we are, so we don’t dig up the whole yard and then do nothing with it.

Parking Garage

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My favorite part of the holiday is wrapping gifts. I’ve always enjoyed making my gifts look just so. This year I wanted to use things I already had around the house as well as more natural items. So I’m giving my old gift wrap to the in-laws, who will make use of it, and I decided to wrap my presents in craft paper. Instead of plastic ribbon I am using twine or yarn.  And instead of a bow I’ve opted for some flowers I dried from the farmer’s market. We had blank white tags left over from last year and I spiced them up with some gold leafing. I also came up with the idea of using some leaves as labels (I wrote on them with my calligraphy ink) but I’ll have to make them a day or two before since they didn’t look as nice when they dried out.

I noticed a lot of blogs out there are doing the spray painting of leaves or pine cones to jazz things up a bit but I thought it kind of defeats the purpose for me of showing off the natural beauty of the leaves and flowers.

In other news, I have been completely disappointed in locating a locally made lye based soap and shampoo.  So I’ve decided once the holidays are done to take up the task myself.  I can procure the lye online, use olive oil from the Queen Creek Olive Mill, and if I wish maybe some rosemary from my backyard. I’m tired of seeing “safe” synthetics on every bottle or bar that I pick up. This started out just as me not wanting to use as much plastic, so we went to Lush and I bought some bar shampoo which gave me a rash.  I decided I just want to get back to basics. How hard is it to make soap without all that crap in it? Seriously. It can’t be good for the environment and all those irritating detergents can’t be good for our skin.

I also found out about Soap Nuts. Yeah I said it. Which can be used in place of laundry detergent. My beef with that is how much damage is done by the importation of such an item, and if that offsets the benefit of replacing the detergent we currently have. Also, how well are those people doing all the work paid?

On another note, I found through here Whip UP that there is a lady in Tucson who has local yarn. YES! I am totes looking into this.



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